Introducing the first mobile app for high schools & college sports teams.

MyTime Schools is a FREE mobile app for high schools & college that helps you keep track of all sporting events. The app shows times & locations, weather conditions, team rosters & even shows your friends who are attending each event.

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MyTime Schools

For Students

MyTime Schools is a fun application that allows you to follow your local high school sports teams and interact with others that do the same.

MyTime Schools

For Schools

MyTime Schools was designed for your fans, parents, students, faculty and staff. It will increase attendance at your events and give you a quick and easy way to communicate with everyone.

MyTime Schools

For Fans

MyTime Schools was designed for the fans of your school. Keep track of ALL sporting events for your school. You can see which of your friends are going and invite others...every time!


"MyTime Schools is an amazing app for my smartphone, I can find any event in seconds and the app will drive me right to the game. As a parent and fan it makes my life easier to have MyTime Schools! I love that it’s FREE..."

- Chuck Woide, DeLand, FL


"@mytimeschools this is a great app. it helps me be more organized at school and stay connected with my closest friends..."

- Olivia Ziebarth, student, FL


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