All your school’s sports at your fingertips, All the time!

Everything you need to know about the game and who's going.

View each sport schedule by Today, Week or Month

Each team's entire schedule is right on your phone. You can see all teams playing today, the entire week or for the month. Changes are updated instantly.

Keep up with your friends and see who’s attending the game.

Invite your friends to the game and see who’s attending before you go. Fast and easy way to communicate with your friends right from the app. Now you don't have to call to see if they are going. MyTime schools will show you.

Alerts and Notifications

Alerts help remind you of upcoming games that you’re attending. The school can notify attendees of a changed or canceled game & can also send important notifications to everyone with the App.

Check the weather before every game

Be prepared for surprise weather before the game starts. You’ll know if you need jeans, shorts, an umbrella or jacket.

Post to Facebook and Twitter

Share which games you’re attending on your favorite social media. Show your school spirit and let your friends know how much fun you’re having!

Direction to every game Powered by Google Maps

Get directions from your current location to the game. How many times have you gotten lost trying to get to an away game? Use the navigation feature to drive you right to the event. You’ll know how far away you are and how long it will take you to get there. You don't have even have to put in the address!